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About Daiscon

DAISCON is an online community for webinar enthusiast. It
intends to bridge the social connectivity gap between
presenter/host and attendees.

Social Connections Image

Attendees and presenters can easily connect to each other, share their posts, create groups and initiate discussion on any topic.

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Recorded Webinar

All webinars are recorded automatically on the live server. Youcan access it any time from anywhere.

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Easy to use Control Panel Image
Easy to use
Control Panel

No technical expertice required to operate control panel. It is very intuitive to use.

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Create Webinar

You can instantly create webinar, invite audience, share your screen and deliver the presentation.

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Organizing and Attending Webinar Made Simple

  • Social connect made easy
    • Connect to presenters and like minded people
    • Join groups and start discussions on any topic of your interest
  • Organizing webinar made simple
    • Create, invite and start webinar
    • A simple three step process
  • On-Demand recorded webinar
    • Access recorded webinar anytime from anywhere
    • Set access permission on recorded webinar
  • No app installations or plugin downloads
    • Organize webinar via browser
    • User friendly UI

Connect with People

Stay connected with like-minded people and presenters.

Build your Network

Grow your network and follow your connection so that you can stay up to date with webinars they are either organizing or attending.

Share Your Knowledge

You can share your knowledge on a subject matter within your connection.

Present your Thoughts

Webinar is the best way to present about what you think about a particular topic.

How it Works

Explore Webinar

Search for topic that you are interested to learn

Attend Webinar

Join the Webinar and listen to presenter

Connect with Presenter

Connect with presenter for life time

Create Webinar

Fill in your webinar details and add Date and Time

Invite to Webinar

Invite your connection to attend webinar

Present Webinar

Start your webinar, share screen and present