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DAISCON is an online community that allows its members to organize or attend webinars and connect with like-minded people. It provides its members with the ability to host, present, attend and search for recorded webinars. It also enables its members to create profiles, send and accept connection request from other users.

DAISCON was founded by Hirak Kocharee and Abbas Ahmed and is based in county Cork, Republic of Ireland. It’s beta version was released in March 2017.

We in DAISCON believe that a social connection should be more of a productivity tool. It should be a platform not only to connect and update your status but to build your most valuable relationships by presenting thoughts and sharing knowledge.

We are on a mission to make social connections more productive. The question is how? The Answer is simple; we are re-inventing the way webinars are organized. DAISCON is a platform where like-minded people can connect, share knowledge and present their thoughts by attending or organizing a webinar.

What’s in it for Attendee?

You can connect to presenters or hosts for a lifetime of knowledge or simply connect to like-minded attendees who have joined similar webinars. You can also share your own knowledge or present thoughts by scheduling a webinar or request your connections to share their knowledge or thoughts of interest.

What’s in it for Host or a Presenter?

You can connect to your audience for a lifetime or reach out to a greater audience and connect. It is a unified platform where you can connect to an audience and also organize a webinar. There’s no need to buy off-the-shelf webinar software, just register once, connect and create a webinar.

Meet the Team

Hirak Kocharee

Founder and CEO

Hirak is responsible for setting DAISCON's product vision and strategy. He also leads Design and Development team.

Abbas Ahmed

Co-founder and COO

Abbas is DAISCON's co-founder and oversees the business operations. He ensures that DAISCON's business operations runs smoothly. In his spare time, he plays badminton for his local club.